Change the identifier of the last record.


ndeftool identifier [OPTIONS] NAME
ndeftool id [OPTIONS] NAME


The identifier command either changes the current last record’s name (NDEF Record ID) or, if the current message does not have any records, creates a record with unknown record type and the given record name.



Show this message and exit.


Create a record with unknown type and set the identifier.

$ ndeftool identifier 'record identifier' print
NDEF Record TYPE 'unknown' ID 'record identifier' PAYLOAD 0 byte

Create two text records with specific identifiers.

$ ndeftool text 'first' id 'r1' text 'second' id 'r2' print
NDEF Text Record ID 'r1' Text 'first' Language 'en' Encoding 'UTF-8'
NDEF Text Record ID 'r2' Text 'second' Language 'en' Encoding 'UTF-8'