Create an NFC Forum Smart Poster Record.


ndeftool smartposter [OPTIONS] RESOURCE
ndeftool smp [OPTIONS] RESOURCE


The smartposter command creates an NFC Forum Smart Poster Record for the resource identifier. A smart poster record combines the uniform resource identifier with additional data such as titles and icons for representation and processing instructions for the reader application.

A smart poster record should have title text for the desired languages, added with repetitive -t options. An English title text may also be added with -T. The recommended action set with -a tells the reader application to either run the default action for the URI, save it for later or open for editing.

A smart poster may also provide a collection of icons for graphical representation. An icon file is added with the -i option that may be given more than once. The icon type is determined from the file content and must be an image or video mime type.



Smartposter title for language code ‘en’.


Smartposter title for a given language code.

-a [exec|save|edit]

Recommended action for handling the resource.


Icon file for a graphical representation.


Show this message and exit.


An NFC Forum Smart Poster Record with just a link, nothing more useful than a URI Record.

Same as above but with an English title.

Titles for other languages must be given with a language code.

An emergency call number should be called immediately.

Add an icon file to a smart poster.