Create an NFC Forum Text Record.


ndeftool text [OPTIONS] TEXT
ndeftool txt [OPTIONS] TEXT


The text command creates an NFC Forum Text Record with the given input text. The text language defaults to English (language code en) and can be set with --language followed by the IANA language code. The text content is encoded as UTF-8 or UTF-16 depending on --encoding. The default encoding is UTF-8.


-l, --language TEXT

Set the IANA language code.

--encoding [UTF-8|UTF-16]

Set the encoding (default UTF-8).


Show this message and exit.


Create an NFC Forum Text Record with the default language en and encoding UTF-8.

Create one text record with English text and one record with German text.

Create a text record with UTF-16 encoding.

$ ndeftool text --encoding UTF-16 'text encoded in UTF-16' | xxd -g 1
/bin/sh: 1: ndeftool: not found